**Servicing New York and New Jersey
About us
We take your business seriously. Our clients expect more from us than they would from other pest control services and we are devoted to providing service a step above the rest. Our founders knew that the only opinion that matters is the client’s and set out to create a company that provides effective and affordable pest control with outstanding client service from beginning to end.

The Team

We employ highly trained and certified technicians with decades of pest control experience. Prompt, professional and courteous service is what every client deserves and what every client of UMG Pest Control will receive. Our team is able to tackle any pest control problem.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Be careful of “greenwashing.” 100% green pest control is simply not possible and any company that tells you otherwise is simply lying. Rather, what is possible is to know when to use pesticides and when to utilize other eco-friendly tactics to pest control problems. At UMG we take great care in being as environmentally friendly as possible. When a problem can be effectively solved without resorting to toxic chemicals, we will take the green approach. We even have our staff in organic uniforms and always use public transportation when possible. We own only hybrid and other green vehicles and are keenly aware that it is our duty to do as little harm to the environment as possible.

Free Consultation

No matter the issue, our initial inspection is always free of charge. Once a problem has been identified we work with our clients to come up with an approach that eliminates the pest problem and is cost effective for the client. With many clients we provide routine “maintenance” service on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as is needed or desired. We have made a commitment to fully discuss all options and answer any questions you have about our service.