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Bed Bugs
UMG Pest Control is a leader in treating NYC’s bed bug problems. Using eco-friendly methods when possible, our bed bug technicians bring unmatched experience and professionalism to eradicating bed bug problems.  We are so confident of our ability to solve bed bug problems that we offer a 90 day guarantee. 

FAQ About Bed Bugs:

How do I know if I have bed bugs?
In most cases evidence of bed bugs will be seen on the human body in the form of bites that look like tiny red dots on the skin. Bites may not become immediately visible, and can take up to nine days to appear.  Infestation is often not seen until such marks on the body are noticed. If you notice any such marks or blood stains on linens, you may have bed bugs. In a large number of cases, there is no visible sign of bites whatsoever. 

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Can I have bed bugs in rooms other than my bedroom?
Yes. The term "bed bugs" is a misnomer as the insects often appear in rooms other than the bedroom. Bed bugs have been found in living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms.  They hide in cracks, crevices, tufts, and folds on mattresses and boxsprings, sofas, furniture backings and wall hangings.

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What do bed bugs look like?
Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, flattened, oval, and wingless with microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance.  Adults grow 4-5mm (1/8th - 3/16th of an inch) in length.  Newly hatched nymphs are translucent, lighter in color and become browner as they moult and reach maturity.  In size, they are often compares to lentils or apple seeds.

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What happens when they bite?
Attracted by warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide, the bug pierces the skin of its host with two hollow tubes. With one tube it injects it injects its saliva, which contains anticoagulants and anesthetics, while with the other it withdraws the blood of its host.  After feeding for about five minutes, the bug returns to its hiding place.  The bites cannot usually be felt until some minutes or hours later, as dermatological reaction to the injected agents, and the first indication of a bite usually comes from the desire to scratch the bite site.

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When do they come out of their hiding places?
Because of their dislike for sunlight, bed bugs tend to come out at night.  They are most active just before dawn with a peak feeding period about an hour before sunrise.  However, they may attempt to feed at other times given the opportunity, and have been observed to feed at any time of the day.

Although bed bugs can live for a year or as much as eighteen months without feeding, they typically seek blood every five to ten days.  Bed bugs that go dormant for lack of food often live longer than a year and well-fed specimens typically live six to nine months.  Low infestations may be difficult to detect, and it is not unusual for the victim not to realize they have bed bugs early on.

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How are bed bugs treated?
Generally, treating bed bugs is a process that requires a minimum of one and a maximum of three treatments. Depending upon the level of infestation, the process of treating bed bugs varies and often includes vacuuming of the room in which the bed bugs have appeared and applying a spray in the certain areas where they are likely to be found.

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Can I live with bed bugs and not treat the problem?
We do not recommend that anyone ignore bed bugs. While there have been no known cases of bed bugs passing disease from host to host, bed bug bites are often accompanied by a rash and intense itching.  People react very differently to bed bugs, and individual responses vary with factors including skin type, environment, and the species of the bug.  Some people may be allergic to the anesthetic that bed bugs inject into the body which may caused the small red bites to swell and create larger welts.  In some rare cases, allergic reactions to the bites have caused nausea and illness.

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Can bed bugs be treated in an eco-friendly manner?
Often times we are able to treat the problem without using any toxic chemicals. However, depending upon the level of infestation, such chemicals may be required.

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How much to bed bug treatments cost?
Bed bug treatments generally start at $425 and increase by $75 for each additional room treated. Final cost may increase for particularly bad infestations.

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Do you provide a warranty for bed bug treatments?
Absolutely. We offer a 60 day warranty for all bed bug treatments.

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Do you sell bed bug mattress and box spring covers?
Yes, we sell mattress covers and box spring covers for $75 each. If you would like to purchase these, just let us know when you schedule your treatment or email us at information@umgpestcontrol.com with your order and contact information.

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Do you provide canine inspections?
Canine inspections are a highly accurate way of detecting bed bug activity and we are happy to provide a canine inspection upon request. The cost for such inspections begin at $300. Please contact us for more information.

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